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The CANDYSTRIPER bus schedule and map on this page, are solely related to the Saturday and Daily Commuter Schedule for the town of Torrington.

For more information about CANDYSTRIPER click HERE.

To open a PDF to print the below schedule and map, to take with you for reference, please click HERE.

9:00 O/R 9:10 9:25 9:30 O/R 9:40 O/R O/R O/R O/R O/R 9:50 9:55
10:00 O/R 10:10 10:25 10:30 O/R 10:40 O/R O/R O/R O/R O/R 10:50 10:55
12:00 O/R 12:10 12:25 12:30 O/R 12:40 O/R O/R O/R O/R O/R 12:50 12:55
1:00 O/R 1:10 1:25 1:30 O/R 1:40 O/R O/R O/R O/R O/R 1:50 1:55
2:00 O/R 2:10 2:25 2:30 O/R 2:40 O/R O/R O/R O/R O/R 2:50 2:55
3:00 O/R 3:10 3:25 3:30 O/R 3:40 O/R O/R O/R O/R O/R 3:50 3:55

O/R = On Request

For a CANDYSTRIPER bus schedule in another town click on one
of the links below.

Route 1 - Winsted

Route 2 - Litchfield

Route 3 - Torrington Main St to East Side

Route 5 - Torrington Westside to Southend

The CANDYSTRIPER is operated by the Northwestern Connecticut Transit District and is supported with funds through U.S. Department of Transportation, Connecticut Dept. of Transportation, Western Connecticut Area Agency on Aging and participating municipalities.


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